On June 5, 2016, the members of Ginter Park Baptist Church made the very difficult decision to list for sale our property on the corner of Brook Road and Laburnum Avenue.

This stately and functional building has served us well for most of our church’s 100-year history. At this time, however, its aging structure and the costs associated with maintenance and repair have become detrimental rather than an asset to our ministry.

As a congregation, we engaged in several months of discussion, acknowledging our desire to remain in our current location but also envisioning new possibilities for worship and ministry unencumbered by the need to direct so much of our income toward facilities maintenance.

In our conversation, we also rediscovered our vitality as a congregation and our commitment to move forward together. While the path directly in front of us bodes a great deal of change, we know that we are moving toward a future in which Ginter Park Baptist Church will thrive, and will serve God and our community even better, following in the way of Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.