Reflection on the Journey

A reflection written by Britni Hall:

My husband, Kendal, and I starting visiting GPBC about the time I got pregnant with our twin boys. We were welcomed with open arms. We went into hiding after they were born for a short time. We needed to (and still are) adjusting to growing are family from three to five. The love GPBC showed us was amazing. We had meals and treats dropped off to help ease our transition. Being only visitors to the congregation at this time, it meant so much to us.

On Father’s Day two years ago after being visitors for a year, we decided to make it official and we joined the family at GPBC. The love and support that this community showed us was and has been incredible. They accept the craziness that we added to the Church and they help us when we struggle. We have met so many wonderful, beautiful people. One girl in particular has become so much more for our family than I could have ever imagined. She loves our boys and plays with our boys and shows them how to be happy. She has a special place in my (and their) heart. For that, we are thankful.

Kendal started off volunteering to help every now and again with youth Sunday school. But grew such a connection, with the young adults here, he quickly wanted to do more. He now enjoys every Sunday morning with them, camp with them, and gets out with them as much as his work and family schedule will allow him. Watching and listening to him help these young adults grow in Love and in Faith and help them in the real world, makes my heart grow for him more.


As our three boys get older, my hope is to have more time to be involved in and with the GPBC community.

I love this church family. Kendal and I knew that once we had children we needed to find a place for them to feel comfortable. That doesn’t judge, that accepts you, for you. That will help them grow in faith. With GPBC we found that.

July 16th we closed the doors to our Wilmington location. And now we have started Worship in our temporary home. As we begin our time in this new place, will I miss looking at the beautiful stain glass windows? ABSOLUTELY. But, you see…it isn’t the bricks that built these walls that got us here and has kept us here. It is the people. The community. The support. The love.

1200 Wilmington, you will always have a place in my heart.  But I know that wherever we go, as long as we go together we will be okay.