This Sunday, July 30, 2017

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

Service of Worship

10:30AM in the BTSR Chapel 

Scripture Texts:

Romans 8:26-27, 38-39

Psalm 1


The Wicked and the Righteous: What’s the Connection?

by  Guest Preacher,

Dr. Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants Tessieri:

Today we welcome to our pulpit, Dr. Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants
Tessieri. After interesting and varied careers as high school
history teacher, office manager/paralegal, registered lobbyist in
DC and ecclesiastical history professor for twenty years at
academic institutions both in the US and in Europe, Phyllis
completed her career as the John F. Loftis Professor of Church
History at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. Now
she enjoys free-lance preaching and teaching in local
congregations and a regular worship leadership position with
Lakewood Retirement Community. In all that she does her focus
is thinking historically in order to participate in creating the
future. As one friend said, she is a historian of the future —
neither trying to recreate the past nor idealize the past, but use
the past to build on and point to the future.