Occupy Scripture: Amplifying the 1%

Did you know that 1% of the words in the Bible are attributed to women?  There are 93 women who speak in the Bible; 49 of them are named.  These women speak a total of 144,056 words collectively.  That is roughly 1.1% of the total words in the Bible.  One percent.

This summer we are going to give the one percent our attention and focus with our worship series Occupy Scripture: Amplifying the 1%.  For 10 weeks we will focus on the stories of the women of the Bible.  We hope to introduce you to unfamiliar biblical women, highlighting stories that are not included in the lectionary (and hence, are not often heard in worship).  These are stories of heartache and triumph, of oppression and power, of bravery and faithfulness.

During this series, we will welcome a variety of preachers to our pulpit.  In addition to our ministers, Mandy and Sheryl, we will welcome Allie Osborne, Rev. Bill Nieporte, and Dr. Mark Biddle as guest preachers. Allie is a recent graduate of Christopher Newport and will enter BTSR as a student this fall.  She is one of the young preachers Pastor Mandy mentored this past January for the Festival of Young Preachers.  Bill and Mark have each preached for us previously, and we are eager to welcome them back.

Date          Featured Woman                  Proclaimer

July 1        Phoebe                          Rev. Sheryl Johnson

July 8        Shiphrah & Puah                 Ms. Allie Osborne 

July 15       Rahab                           Rev. Mandy England Cole

July 22       Rizpah                          Rev. Mandy England Cole

July 29       Widow of Zarepath               Rev. Dr. Bill Nieporte

Aug 5         The Daughters of Zelophehad     Rev. Sheryl Johnson

Aug 12        Jephthah’s Daughter             Dr. Mark Biddle

Aug 19        Esther and Haman                Rev. Mandy England Cole

Aug 26        Woman Clothed with the Sun      Rev. Mandy England Cole