Church Retreat: Practicing Midrash


This book recognizes that there are arguments, contradictions, and gaps in both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament.  Instead of being problem that needs to be fixed, divergent texts in the Bible serve a purpose that midrash reveals.  They invite every generation to reenter divine conversation and decide how the revelation of the Bible will guide them to face new challenges for their day.  In this way the Bible remains a living word. (p. 4)

The Rev. Dr. Tim Moore will lead our retreat based on his newly released book, Practicing the Midrash: Reading the Bible’s Arguments as an Invitation to Conversation.  His book uses the threefold prayer of St. John of the Cross to allow the divergent voices in Scripture to speak and practice madras with each other, enabling the reader to join the conversation.

The first part of the retreat will take place on Saturday, October 13th from 10-2:30PM at Richmond Hill Ecumenical Retreat Center in Church Hill (2209 E Grace St Richmond, VA 23223).  As part of our retreat Saturday, we will participate in Richmond Hill’s midday prayers and enjoy a community lunch.

The retreat continues Sunday, October 14th on the church campus located at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. The final retreat session will be held from 9-10AM and will conclude in worship at 10:30AM as Rev. Moore serves as our guest preacher.

Copies of the book are available through the church office for a discounted price of $15.  The cost for the retreat is $20. Scholarship assistance is available upon request.

Make your reservations and pay online or pay by check mailed to the church.