Watts Chapel Worship Details

We are very glad to announce that our friends at Union Presbyterian Seminary have agreed to let us use Watts Chapel in Watts Hall (3401 Brook Rd) for worship this Sunday and until we finalize our arrangements with a partnering church.  Please note that we will NOT be having Sunday School this Sunday, so please plan to join us for worship at 10:30 am.  The doors will be unlocked for us by 10 am.

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Speaking of doors, you may enter Watts Hall from the main door facing Brook Rd – it is flanked by two parking lots.  You may also enter the chapel directly from an entrance off the quadrangle behind the building.  These entrances are marked with yellow arrows in the image.  Both of these entrances do have steps to get into the building.

If you would prefer an entrance without any steps, you may use the side entrance (marked with a blue arrow) on the south side of the building facing Westwood Avenue.  Accessible paths to that door are also marked in blue.