The ministries of Ginter Park Baptist Church are concerned with the holistic (both individual and congregational) experience, understanding, and expression of Christian faith as revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Steeped in a faithful, supportive community, our ministries seek to evoke expression, in both inward devotion and outward manifestation, of our experiences and understandings of God.

Note: Taken from RRCB and heavily adapted to be an example of a statement that could introduce this section.  (Adapted enough that it probably wouldn't be recognizable, FYI.)  RRCB's statement was about just Christian Education; interestingly, I think it works better in a broader context!  
Also, this page is never really intended to be seen (it is not linked in the main navigational menu), but needs to exist to make the breadcrumbs work (and could be accessed from there.)